Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Kenya from a window of the bus. 6 photo.

Our new project:
Ropes, jute, sisal, Джут, пенька, канат веревка шнуры

In Kenya we were less day. Have arrived in the evening, have spent the night in Nairobi and have sat down in the trip bus in the morning and have gone on the south, to Tanzania. The shivering bus, glasses dusty and not opening... The Objective-18-70... "Shooting" approximately, visibility of object of 2-3 seconds... A heap defective. Has left the most favourite staff though slightly and not sharp, but they to me have brought sensation of the pathbreaker. Do not judge strictly, it more likely emotion, rather than a photo.

Nairobi. Telephone cabins.


Massai - 2

Massai - 3

Massai - 4

Massai - 5

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