Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Japan. Mountain lake Tjudzen-dzi and falls Kegon. 24 photos.

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The national park Nikko located in 170 kilometers from Tokyo, is too great, that it was possible to tell about it within the framework of one album. In this surprising place volcanos, lakes and temples have concentrated. The question will be about included park two popular tourist objects - lake Tjudzen-dzi and falls Kegon below.

Weather was gave out unsuccessful: since the morning it was established a smoke, all the day long poured a rain, calming down, passing in a downpour. To photograph, alas, it was uneasy in view of fears for the chamber.

The lake Tjudzen-dzi lays at extinct volcano Nantay at height of 1271 meter from a sea level. It is necessary to rise there on a twisting streamer.

On this road tightened by a fog I for the first time have seen in Japan the machine with a dent on the auto.

But here a smoke has dissipated, and in gleams of trees the grey mirror of lake seemed.

Speak, here it is necessary to come in April, the guidebook promises simply unreal paints. However in first half of May of coast look rather dimly. However, that up to me personally I just love similar pictures.:)

There and then there is a natural park, in which on will live extremely become impudent (on responses of local residents) from impunity and a full life of the monkey.

Near to lake the whole tourist zone with numerous souvenir shops, small restaurants, yachts-clubs baths on hot sources is created.

From Tjudzen-dzi up to falls Kegon which is taking place at east coast of park, some minutes of driving are literally.
Survey platform here too surround souvenir a bench and ordinary snackbars. Among other in one of them offered any fry insects. Frankly speaking, until I at all did not assume, that similar culinary Cunnings of Japan.:)

Survey platform Aketidayra is located a little bit above the top level of a falls. However to estimate all greatness of a show of overthrown streams it is better from than mountain where it is possible to leave, having gone down on the lift, and then in the tunnel punched in a thickness of a rock.

Water falls from height of 97 meters.

The deepest period - from April till November.

The guidebook assures, that during a droughty season the falling jet can run low, though there is a whole system of pumping of water pumps through a underground pipe.

About the top platform.

From here romantic suicides like to be thrown downwards.

Way back on a mountain streamer, only up to other party of a slope, even more twisting.

The screen of the GPS-navigator very evidently gives representation about a line. This hillside carries name Irokha-Dzaka that is rather symbolical. The matter is that and, ро, ха are first three letters of the Japanese alphabet, 48 signs numbering only. As much turns the road rising to lake by falls Kegon does also.

However, kinds from windows are not less eloquent at all.

Mountains have remained behind, and the wet tape of highway withdraws in Tokyo.

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