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Japan and Japanese - part 2. 43 photos

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To obey laws the population here almost ideal, at least if to speak about street criminality and crimes against the person. Legendary Jakudza - a mafia - are engaged basically in crimes in economic sphere. In streets it is not enough, but chances to fall a victim to policemen of the pickpocket, and the more robberies are minimal. As local residents speak (not only Japanese) climb in a pocket can unless in those areas where tourists are unsteady, thus the pickpocket necessarily appears the foreigner.
The secret here is simple: in Japan the highest in the world раскрываемость crimes (more than 90 %), that is provided with huge quantity of chambers of tracking and total "informing". However, it is not necessary to see only one negative shade in last term. It is quite probable, that safety and a quiet life cost voluntary informing of bodies of the law and order so blamed in Russia.

As I heard, among homelesses it is a lot of those who has dishomed as a result of divorce. In Japan in general many marriages fall after an output of the head of the family on pension. While the husband worked, the spouse communicated not so frequently: only on the days off and that not always. All time was taken away with work, corporate actions, etc. And then, all the same having collided closely on pension, the spouse frequently realize, that they another's people. To tell the truth, not clear, why the some people after divorce run into similar poverty, in fact pensions in Japan very high.

And here this Japanese, similarly, at all the vagabond, and has simply decided to have a sleep hour on fresh air.

Morning jog on the quay the rivers Sinano (Niigata) transformed into very cosy park.

However, for whom jog, and for whom - trip.:)
Pets in Japan - an attribute of a solvency. With rare exception dogs in apartments to hold it is forbidden. To hold them it is possible only in private houses, to live in which presume it is far from being all.

Policeman. I doubt, that the traffic controller. However what for to it a luminous staff?

And here it is exact the traffic controller though serves and not in police, and on a hotel parking. Apparently, rather brought up and kind young man.

Similarly, to these traffic controllers on the next parking (or to drivers of tourist buses?) it is not pleasant, that them have photographed. But I how they have understood would like to know, that I remove them, in fact the distance was a minimum of meters fifty!..

Such sensation is created, that Japanese love the form even if have no attitude neither to army, nor to police. The love to conservative suits and a uniform speaks aspiration to harmony in collective. Frequently all - from the fine employee up to the president of corporation - carry approximately same, not showing the different financial opportunities.

Road works can be met frequently both in cities, and on high-speed lines. That is interesting, they never prevent movement.
Politeness and the order on roads in Japan reign exemplary. It is seldom possible to see an example of a so-called aggressive manner of driving. Usually machines go in a stream, not trying to win superfluous ten meters risky maneuvering. Probably, therefore for all time of stay in Japan I did not see any road accident.
It is indicative, that at repair of roads allocate the special person, which all duties will be concluded in swinging a warning tag. It is a sign on respect to passing: in Japan try to put everywhere whenever possible employees which primary goal - to welcome visitors. And many companies on it go, in spite of the fact that would be cheaper to do without without such not so that of the necessary rate from the rationalization point of view.

In the evening at a bus stop. These office employees have gathered home only after some hours after the termination of the working day. « The code of honour » is those private: the above the borrowed post, the is more than time the employee carries out on a workplace overtime (and more often free-of-charge).
« The code of honour » has the same and the perverted underside: on Fridays after work it is necessary all collective (at least, his man's part) to get drunk, and after to part not on houses, and to go to mistresses or ladies of easy behaviour. Семьянины, after work going to the native center, quite often appear among colleagues outsiders.

By the way, to drink Japanese are not able at all (does not suffice in an organism of the enzyme splitting alcohol), but thus drink frequently. To tell the truth, for «отключки» the jar of beer (on responses of fans of this drink, the Japanese beer deserves the highest estimation) suffices the majority. In the evenings on Friday in streets it is a lot of поддатых and even frankly drunk, and the some people sleep off directly on benches. However, aggressive drunk I did not see. It is amusing to observe сморенного after a jar of beer of the clerk: in a strict dark suit with a tie beaten out atop of a jacket, with a portfolio, зажатым in one hand, with a cellular telephone with unfinished SMS-which - in another, sitting on sidewalk, leaning a back to a wall of a house.
Meanwhile till now the best way to fasten good relations with the business partner or the colleague in Japan considers a joint wine party up to loss of consciousness.

The widespread myth says, that all in Japan is very expensive. Actually it not so. On this account I have read through in « Branches of an Oriental cherry » very exact characteristic: « Japanese are provided with Electronics better, than clothes. Clothes - it is better, than meal. Meal - it is better, than habitation ».
That in Japan it is really expensive, so this habitation and services. For example, at good restaurant in Tokyo it is possible to have dinner together with a bottle of a decent French wine for the sum which at other restaurant would request for only one bottle similar fault. Or other example: even in the main street of Niigata there is a cafe, where the full dinner with meat (meat in Japan rather expensive) without alcohol costs less than five dollars. Well and the prices in shops are much lower, practically on all spectrum of the goods.

Earlier, in days of so-called bubble-economy when in the chapter of a corner development of the industry was put, on ecology did not pay attention. Then Tokyo have been shrouded смогом. However now in this plan of special problems is not present. In streets and in the underground people in gauze bandages sometimes come across, but it is the big rarity. And, certainly, these bandages - protection not from a dust and смога, and from infections, transferable in the air-drop way.
In a rush hour I in the Tokyo underground did not go, so special congestion it have not noticed. To be guided under the ground uneasily that is far from being all inscriptions and names are duplicated in English, and to compare hieroglyphs in the guidebook and on a board for a unusual eye very difficultly.
Turnstiles at times should be overcome not only on an input in the underground, but also in transitions. I so have understood, that different lines belong to the different companies, therefore the corresponding part of money is removed from the ticket at transition to this or that site of a underground. If to choose an irrational route trip to the underground can do without in some times more expensively. Employees of the Tokyo underground, fortunately, are very kind and always ready to come to the aid to visitors who have lost the way.

If to look narrowly, it is visible, that shoes to the girl are great the smallest for two sizes. Japanese concern to the sizes of footwear with strange indifference. They are universal enough for any leg so of a variety of the sizes cannot brag: it is allowable, that for пяткой there can be some more centimeters or, on the contrary, that she in part hangs down. The indifference to footwear at times accepts comical forms. For example, when during traditional pilgrimage on mountain Fudzi Japanese stop on rest in specially established tents, they heap all footwear. Having woken up, they take the first pair which under a hand will get from this heap. If the footwear will be great - it doesn't matter! But here that do those to whom gets small?:)
By the way, foreigners suffer from this tradition also. To me told history as the Japanese old man rolled from interior of plane " Aeroflot " which has arrived to Tokyo from Moscow, in boots of the neighbour. Well and that unfortunate разиня has been compelled to leave the plane in аэрофлотовских slippers as boots of the Japanese appeared for some sizes less.
Completely not clear, why, despite of cheapness of qualitative clothes, Japanese carry a lot of synthetics. The footwear at them too prevails rather rigid and inconvenient.

Opinion, as if in Japan very high level of salaries, wrongly. Young experts quite often earn less than 2 thousand dollars a month, that at an existing price level on habitation and services compels them to live very much and very modestly: to remove квартирку without a parking far from work (frequently - in the other city), about any foreign travel cannot go and speeches. The salary starts to grow with the experience. Frequently she depends on success in work, but only only from number of the years worked in the company a little. The strange rule is quite often carried out, that everything which are gone to work simultaneously and taking place on similar posts, should have equal incomes. As I already wrote above, the most provided category of citizens are the pensioners, postponing to myself on an old age practically all life.

Discrimination to a sexual attribute is rather strong in Japan: salaries of women are almost always lower, but in collective it is considered normal to give women the fine assignments which are not included in them official duties. Many japanese after a birth of the child become housewives.

Foreign languages in Japan know not so many people as I before believed, even English. Basically it, certainly, youth.
Japanese do not utter the letter «L». If to forget about this specific feature not always it is possible to disassemble their English speech. And if « Ritre size » it is rather simply deciphered as « little size » transfer « restaurant is ruro » I could far from being from the first attempt. It meant « restaurant is full ».

On such here to the lyrical note I finish this story about Japan and Japanese.

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