Tuesday, May 22, 2007

CAMBODIA. Sinukville. 8 photos.

Our new project:
Ropes, jute, sisal, Джут, пенька, канат веревка шнуры

In Sianukvilja we have stopped in the Snake-house, near to the Havaii-scourge. Oleg there lived, and we on settled at him. It was our base camp and therefrom we did one-two day time radial sorties. At Oleg houses lived different animals... Toads, frogs, geckoes Tokkie... More precisely not at him, and with it... Even more precisely irrespective of him. Early in the morning it is possible to descend on a beach and to observe as, the fishermen who have come back from the sea, it is direct on a beach sell the улов. The slope has been sold in the Chinese restaurant for-5 $. Sometimes we went on a beach to have a bite or photograf a decline. Floated with spending the night on island That, and there I have removed malayan muzzle. Six person have passed near to it - it has not stirred at all, and only when it have noticed and began to photograph, it has begun to fuss and in the ends-ends has crept away. And in fish market Sianukvilja I have photographed painted chickens. Have asked Oleg: - whether for their easter have painted? But all appeared much easier.. .. Neighbours on a court yard take chickens of different painting what to not confuse them, all of them run that together in a court yard. On couple of months suffices, and there just right new to buy.

Beach the Havaii-scourge. Shrimps in sweet-sour sauce and beer the Anchor.

Fishing boats and island On a background of a decline.

The toad at Oleg in a corridor.


Slope - a sea devil.

The malayan snake - normal painting.


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