Tuesday, May 22, 2007

El Salvador, Northern America, 12 photos

Our new project:
Ropes, jute, sisal, Джут, пенька, канат веревка шнуры

In the El Salvador we have come for two incomplete days.
Evening have devoted to survey of capital.
On the main street of city we have left to the central area.
Then on parallel street we have left to a Catholic temple and have returned back to hotel.
Next day, early in the morning, our group has left for city, for survey of pyramids of May.

1-Monument to Simon & Manuela Bolivar & Saens

2-Monument to Simon & Manuela Bolivar & Saens

3-Cathedral on the central area of Saint Salvador

4-Catholic cathedral

5-On boondocks

6-On boondocks-2

7-On boondocks-3


9- Cowboy

10-Pyramids of May

11-Survey of pyramids

12-Snake moult

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